We are Opus Oil and Gas

We consistently deliver professional, effective, integrated Project Management and Engineering services for the Oil and Gas industry.

We help clients who:

  • know that choosing which opportunities to pursue is high risk; we help them make sense of the data, assess the potential scenarios and select the right ones
  • want to build the optimal infrastructure to get their oil and gas to market
  • need an experienced, objective and flexible team who can manage their developments and make them a success
  • have a problem and need someone who can quickly identify potential solutions and implement them
  • need to decommission safely, and efficiently with minimal environmental impact.


Whatever your needs, we can supply a ready-made team of experienced, professional engineers and consultants who have worked together for many years and have a track record of delivering effective, integrated project management and engineering solutions.

We offer comprehensive services throughout the Development Lifecycle:

Identify Opportunities
Appraise & Select