Our Experience

All of our team members have worked for oil and gas companies, and with each other, for many years. We arrive at our clients ready to get the job done.

We understand what is needed to get a development moving from the earliest stages, “a twinkle in a geologist’s eye” to producing hydrocarbons. When we say we can do it, we can because we have.

Over the years our team members have worked together to deliver developments for a number of operators; most recently the Finlaggan Development operated by NEO Energy which we began working on in 2015, prior to licence acquisition, and which we saw through Appraise / Select, Define and Execute successfully into production in October 2021.

Our service offering though isn’t just about delivering projects, it encompasses the whole range of activities that fall under the umbrella of engineering and project management and as you might expect our client list varies from small independent operators to majors and NOCs, as well as financial institutions, including:

  • Energia del Pacifico
  • Painted Wolf Resources
  • Curium Resources
  • Sound Energy
  • Mytilus
  • NEO Energy
  • Kerogen Capital
  • Third Bridge
  • SLR Consulting
  • Sirius Petroleum
  • Zennor Petroleum.