Our Services

We offer comprehensive project management and engineering services throughout the Development Lifecycle, our experience encompasses offshore and onshore developments in the UK and overseas.

Whether it is: managing your development at any stage of its lifecycle from acquisition through to production and eventual decommissioning; coming in to sort out unexpected issues or to recover projects that have gone awry; or providing an objective view and the material you need to convince stakeholders to support investment decisions; we can support you.

We have a ready-made team of experienced, professional engineers and consultants who have worked together for many years and have a track record of delivering effective, integrated project management and engineering solutions.

Any number of consultancies will say they understand your business, can manage projects, engineering studies, contracting, any of the multitude of support activities that may be required by an Operator… very few do and even fewer are independent or will act in your best interests rather than their own. We, on the other hand come from an Operator background,… it is in-built… it is simply what we do.

We offer comprehensive services throughout the Development Lifecycle:

Identify Opportunities
Appraise & Select