Appraise & Select

Once you’ve identified an opportunity, you need to have the best possible development scenarios and concepts to make the right decision about what to go ahead with.

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We will work with your team to help you select the development solution that delivers the best value:

To achieve this, we typically:

  • manage the concept engineering including technical, economic, and EHS screening of development concepts
  • support Commercial Discussions, including approaching infrastructure owners and helping negotiate Agreements on your behalf
  • develop a contracting strategy
  • provide support to appraisal well planning
  • prepare for Define by developing a budget, schedule, Project Execution Plan, and project procedures
  • manage the process of offtake route selection, including identifying suitable infrastructure, preparing and submitting SoRs/Service Requests and oversight of feasibility studies
  • liaise with regulatory bodies, including supporting ES and FDP submissions
  • prepare for Stage Gate Reviews
  • manage Survey activities
  • manage new technology assessments
  • tender FEED studies
  • manage fluid testing and Production Chemistry and Flow Assurance studies.